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Our Trustee Services

Stewards’ has been holding properties on trust for churches and assemblies for over 50 years.  Stewards’ is a legal entity and operates under the authority of the Stewards’ Foundation of Christian Brethren Act 1989. There are advantages for churches and assemblies within the network of Brethren assemblies and churches within the CCCAust network of churches to have the church property held on trust by Stewards’.

Further information on the benefits of appointing Stewards as your Church Trustees can be found here.

The details of the Foundation’s powers as trustee can be found in Schedule 4 of our Act.

You can also see a guide to transferring trusteeship of your church to the Foundation here.

If you want to select the Stewards Foundation as your trustee, then please contact us at or 1300 728 227 to establish a Trusteeship.