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Providing loans to help our community flourish

Stewards Foundation lends to Christian Community Churches and related church organisations to help them operate effectively and carry out their work within the community.

Our loans are used for a wide variety of purposes. Your church or school may need to move to more suitable premises or renovate existing buildings. Or you might want to buy a vehicle or equipment. Some churches also take out loans to support a Pastor or buy a house for a Pastor.

Whatever the reason for the loan, the Foundation’s role is to support our churches, schools and related organisations to grow and flourish.

We are proud that, unlike many other financial institutions, we have never had a bad loan in our 50 years of service. This is due not only to the quality of our clients but also to the support and robust systems we have in place to help our clients effectively manage their loans.

Our lending rates are competitive with other financial institution’s commercial rates. If you are interested in borrowing from the Foundation please complete the Loan Application form and send it back to:

Stewards Foundation,
PO Box 260
NSW 1805

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