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Investing to help your church community grow

The Stewards Foundation has a long and proud history of providing one of the best financial support to Christian Community churches, schools and associated services in Australia. We are able to do this because of our broad range of investors, who together have invested almost $30 million of funds with the Foundation.

Whether you are a church, an individual or a church-house-related organisation based in Australia, we have a variety of investment solutions to suit your needs.

As an investor you will benefit from:

  • Above market interest rates
  • Rigorous governance standards
  • Online access to your investments
  • Our in-depth understanding of the Christian Community’s needs
  • Supporting charitable purposes
  • Growing Christian ministries

Building financial security with church investment

We are proud of our long history of helping our investors build their financial security while also supporting the work of our Christian Community Churches and other services. Our investments offer very competitive interest rates. Interest earned on your investment with the Foundation is calculated on a daily basis and, depending on your choice, is paid quarterly into your nominated bank account or accrues to your Stewards account each month.

All Investors receive a quarterly statement at the end of March, June, September and December each year.

How to invest

If you would like to invest with the Foundation please apply online or print the Investment application form (PDF) and post to the Foundation with your cheque attached.

You can also deposit funds electronically with the Foundation. If you choose this option please email an advice giving details of any church investments.

If this is your first Investment with us you will also need to print and complete our Certification Form (PDF) and post the documents to our office. This form requires you to be identified by an acceptable Certifier. This is required to allow the Foundation to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006.

You can download our Financial Services Guide and our Product Disclosure Statement from these links. They provide important information about the products Stewards Foundation is offering our clients.

Investment Disclaimer

Stewards Foundation of Christian Brethren is not prudentially supervised by APRA and contributions to Stewards Foundation of Christian Brethren do not obtain the benefit of the depositor protection provisions of the Banking Act 1959.

The investments are designed for investors who wish to promote the charitable purposes of Stewards Foundation of Christian Brethren and for whom the considerations of profit are not of primary relevance in the investments in question. Investments with the Foundation are not covered by the Financial Claims Scheme.

This charitable scheme has not been examined or approved by ASIC and investors should be aware that the specified charitable scheme is not subject to the normal requirement to have a disclosure document or Product Statement and be registered or have a trust deed under the Corporations Act 2001.

If you are interested in investing into Stewards Foundation, or would like further information on this or other services including insurance coverage and trusteeship solutions, please contact us at or 1300 728 227.

Apply for an Investment Account Online | See Current Interest Rates

**Please Note: All investors need to download our Investor Acknowledgement Statement sign it and email or post it back to our office.